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Set start and end dates for ticket availability

Set a start date and end date for individual ticket type sales e.g. Sell 'Early Bird' tickets for the first week after ticket sales open.

Limit ticket quantities

Restrict the amount of tickets available for each individual ticket type e.g. 80 front row tickets available, 150 general seating available etc.

Create multiple ticket types

Create multiple different ticket types for your event. e.g early bird, VIP, front row, general seating etc.

Add a banner image to your event page

Add a custom promotional image to the top of your event page. Sized at 800x400 pixels, add your unique banner image that best represents your event

No upfront costs

Sign up and list your events for free. No upfront costs or surprise fees. All our fees are included/added to every ticket and charged to the customer.

Shopping Cart

Sell multiple tickets across all your events. Customers can buy multiple different ticket types for your event and pay for everything in a single check out process.

Automatic E-Tickets and Receipts

When a customer purchases a ticket(s) to your event, Ticket Hotline automatically generates and emails the customer their tickets and their purchase receipt. Ticket Hotline handles the online transaction from start to finish on your behalf.

Live Sales Notifications

Using your sign-up email, we will notify you of ticket sales for your events on Ticket Hotline

View purchase history

The ability to view all your purchases. Your customers will also be able to view their purchases and re-print tickets if they've signed up for a Ticket Hotline account (The sign up email must match the email used at checkout when purchasing tickets)

View Ticket Sales

Login to your Ticket Hotline account to view all tickets purchased for each of your events listed on Ticket Hotline

Save Venues and Organizers

Save venue and organizer information for easy addition to your future events listed on Ticket Hotline.

Add new events

Add new events and set new ticket sales directly from your account dashboard.

Receive tickets sales within days

Get paid within days after your event has completed.

Track sales on your dashboard

Login to view all tickets purchased for every event you have listed on Ticket Hotline

Site and Data Security

All communication is encrypted using SSL, the most widely used website security technology.
Paypal payments are processed securely and directly through Paypal.
All credit card payments are processed securely through the Stripe payment gateway. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.


The booking fee is added on top of the price you set. Simply set your ticket selling price and TicketHotline will handle the rest


Free Events

There are no fees for free events **


Tiered Fee Pricing

Booking fees are based on your ticket price. No surprises! No hidden costs!


Automatic Fee Calculation

Booking fees are added to the ticket price. Set your ticket price and we’ll calculate the fees.


Enter your ticket price to see the booking fee. The estimated final ticket price paid by the purchaser will be calculated below.


Our Fee $1.5
Purchaser Pays $21.5



Free Ticket $0
$0.01-$9.99 $1.00
$10-$24.99 $1.50
$25-$49.99 $2.50
$50-$99.99 $3.50
$100-$149.99 $4.50
$150+ $1.50 + 2% of ticket price

** Some transactions may be subject to a standard booking fee, billed to the ticket purchaser at checkout