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This Course Is Life Changing – Learn Self Help –...

by Mark Anthony Events
$75 – $97

‘Your Life Changes By Choice, Not By Chance!’

This 1-day SelfHelpNosis Course is for anybody 11 years and older, with Leading Hypnotist Mark Anthony teaching you the skills and giving you the tools to Create A Better Life, no matter what adversities you’re going through!

Mark Anthony’s brand new unique combination of Self Help and Self Hypnosis will change your life – SelfHelpNosis!

Self Hypnosis CAN Change Your Life, As It Has Many Thousands, As Well As Mine!

Don’t Miss Out… Book Your Seat Now, Gold Coast… Your Tiny Investment From just $75! (usually $499)


This course is not open to other hypnotherapists or hypnotists
(you should already know and use these tools), it is for others looking to change and better their lives using Self Help and Self Hypnosis.

If you really do want to ‘Change Your Life’, this 1 Day Self Hypnosis Course is what you need!

Leading Hypnotist Mark Anthony will be training you live for this one-day Life-Changing Course held on the Gold Coast.

Although Mark’s style isn’t for everybody, due to his approach being very unconventional, direct, and straight-talking, there’s no pussy footing around you, he gets results, and that’s what his clients want, as we’re sure that’s what you want!

Due to previous courses being sold out very quickly, Don’t Miss Out!

Why is Mark Anthony the best option to help change your life… here’s why!

1. Mark has been a professional hypnotist for the past 18 years, performing shows all over the world, he runs seminars, has trained other hypnotists, and has helped thousands of clients with issues and problems with great success. www.Hypnotist.com.au

2. Mark himself has been through more adversities than you could ever imagine, therefore Mark can relate to almost all people and their reasons for wanting to change their own lives, read more about his story here. – www.RogueHypnotistBook.com

3. Mark has combined Self Help and Self Hypnosis (SelfHelpNosis) not only to give you the tools to change your life for the better and Create The Life You Want, but to move forward in a positive way, but he also gives you the skills to move forward ‘fast’, without a long-drawn-out process!

4. Mark’s fees are usually $499 per session (up to 2 hours), this 1-day course is 8 hours of Mark’s time and knowledge from just $75… Don’t Miss Out!

5. This course is fun, friendly and Mark prides himself on using the K.I.S.S method – Keep It Simple Stupid, making it easy for ‘anybody’ to Learn Self Hypnosis.

What will you learn?

1. Sleep More Peacefully
2. Increase Self Esteem
3. Improve Memory
4. Clear Unwanted Emotions
5. Clear Inner Self Talk (monkey chatter)
6. Reduce Stress Levels
7. Establish A Strong Connection With The Subconscious Mind
8. Achieve Dreams and Goals
9. Get Rid Of Bad Habits
10. Get Motivated and Feel Empowered
11. Pain Relief
12. Hypnotise Yourself and Others
13. Stop Smoking
14. Lose Weight
15. Much more!

Where: Sports House, 337 Christine Avenue, Varsity Lakes, 4227
When: Sunday, May 1st
Time: 10am – 6pm

Don’t Miss Out! – BOOK NOW!

There is a strict ‘no refund’ policy for people who just don’t show up without 5 days’ notice!